Friday, February 24, 2012

Root causes of homosexual feelings

A survey of 250 men who are seeking to overcome homosexual desires

1. Father and son relationship was characterized by abandonment, extended absence, hostility or disinterest.

2. Conflict with male peers, making them feel that they were not man enough, and do not belong with men.

3. Mother-son relationships characterized by over-dependence that led to viewing the world from a woman's perspective.

4. Sexually abused in their youth.

Read more at People Can Change: Root Causes, Homosexual Consequences.

Another important insight from the Family Research Council:

There is a difference between:

1. Homosexual attraction - in vast majority of cases is not a choice
2. Homosexual behavior - this is a choice, because 50% of people who performed homosexual actions before age 15 never did it again.
3. Homosexual self-identification - a choice of what to label oneself.

See Top Ten myths of Homosexuality.

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