Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick survey: top 3 formational needs of Filipino Christians

Kindly answer this quick survey on the Divorce between Christian faith and Real-life:

What do you think are the top three formational needs (or faith-moral failings) of Filipino Christians, which if effectively addressed will have the greatest impact on Filipinos' personal and social life?




I will post here a summary of the replies.

I sent this out via email last October 2. As of today, October 8, there have been replies from around 70 plus people, including Archbishop Soc Villegas, Frank Padilla Servant-General of CFCFFL, a member of a Secular Order of Carmelites, Theology Professor of Ateneo, Dr. Bernardo Villegas and Dr. Jesus Estanislao, Theology Professor of Don Bosco, JC de los Reyes, the former presidential candidate of Kapatiran, etc.

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