Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Evil of Cheating and Corruption

One of the root causes of prevalent corruption is a culture of cheating that some Filipino homes foster.

If a father is able to get one over the "system" by some cunning trick, he boasts of it among his family members. Parents even connive with a child by telling the teacher that the child was sick during an exam day, when in fact he was just plain lazy in studying for his exams.

A key to solving cheating --and thus corruption -- is for everyone to understand its evil.

To easily remember the reasons why cheating is evil, here is a mnemonic device which I show to my class in one powerpoint slide:

U – Unfair to others (who worked) 
B – Break trust (classmates won’t trust you) 
D – Disobey God (7th; not to steal; 8th: not to bear false witness)  
E – Egoistic self-interest (weaken companionship) 
V – Victimizes self and others
I  - Injustice (order of justice is disturbed) 
L – Lie (show what you aren’t)  
S – Steal (take what isn’t yours)

The devil is the father of lies, said Jesus. 

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