Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spread of the leaflet Science Facts on the RH Bill

Science Facts on the RH Bills is a one-page flyer that has been published by several newspapers in the Philippines and has been printed hundreds of thousands of times to counter the Reproductive Health (RH) Bills introduced in the Philippines. These Bills propose the “forced distribution of birth control devices by all private employers and by the government using Filipino taxpayers’ money”.  

Science Facts on the RH Bill was written on November 2010. Its second version came out on February 2011. Its third version can be found here: Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/49512128/Science-Facts-on-the-RH-Bill-with-solutions    - third version 

This has been published in several newspapers and publications:
Also widely posted in the internet:
It was distributed as a leaflet:
  • It was printed 200,000 times by Baby Magazine printing led by Mr. Chet Espino. Several thousand copies were also printed in Cagayan de Oro. Radio Veritas also announced that it was printing it (the Filipino version specially) for all the parishes in the Philippines.
  • Prolife Philippines and former Prolife President Lito Atienza also reproduce it. Laiko or Council of the Laity produced a version of it. 
  • I have seen other organizations transform it as a leaflet under the name of their organization.

And it was translated to:
After the RH Bill was passed into law, with 8 provisions found unconstitutional including the most important point on prohibiting abortifacients (practically all chemical contraceptives are abortifacients!), the leaflet was renamed Science Facts on Contraceptives, a leaflet that has been used by other countries in the world. 

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