Friday, November 13, 2015

Program of Pope Francis for the Philippines: FEEL PC

In The Key to Love according to Pope Francis, I wrote about the seven-point program of Pope Francis for the Philiippines to build a civilization of love.

Here they are integrated into an easy-to-remember acronym of six points: FEEL PC (feel peace!)

F - Family. Protect the family against its redefinition, contraception and wrong ideas about sexuality.
E - Evangelize. Bring the message of Christianity to everyone.
E - Environment. Care for the environment since we are one of those most affected by climate change.
L - Love. Learn the most important subject, especially allowing God to love us through grace.

P - Poor. Care for the poor and weep with the suffering
C - Corruption. Fight and combat corruption, the roots of poverty and inequality. 

To help fight corruption, let me also refer to my other blog post on the Evil of Corruption and Cheating, which sports another acronym: UBDEVILS (you become a devil when you cheat!)

U – Unfair to others (who worked) 
B – Break trust (classmates won’t trust you) 
D – Disobey God (7th: not to steal; 8th: not to bear false witness)  
E – Egoistic self-interest (weaken companionship) 
V – Victimizes self and others
I  - Injustice (order of justice is disturbed) 
L – Lie (show what you aren’t)  
S – Steal (take what isn’t yours)

It's good to use acronyms when we have to remember a number of things that we need to teach many people. 

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