Monday, September 5, 2016

Resources for praying with the Scripture of the day

Benedict XVI presaged a new springtime of Christianity if Catholics rediscover praying with the Scripture.

The correct approach to Scripture, according to this biblical scholar turned Pope, is to "savor the deep meaning of the Word of God" in the scriptural readings that the Church has chosen for her worship for the specific day.

With this practice, we encounter Jesus together with his whole Church, his Body, and God speaks to us personally --speaks to me, today!-- with words that have greater effectiveness than any other word.

To help families and individual Catholics reflect on and pray with the Word of God of the day, and even discuss it, here are some useful resources:

Readings of the Day

Reflections and Homilies on the Readings

The first three have apps that can be downloaded in smartphones.

If interested in learning more about praying with the Scripture, a useful article is Meditating on the Bible.

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