Thursday, September 29, 2016

ROSARY OF ST. JOHN PAUL THE GREAT: Images and Biblical Passages

In praying the Rosary, St. John Paul II, the greatest Marian Pope, recommended:

(1) use of sacred images as a “great help in focusing the mind on the particular mystery” and
(2) proclamation of a Biblical passage because  “no other words can ever match the efficacy of the inspired word.” Benedict XVI reiterated this, saying  this facilitates memorization of key biblical passages.

To facilitate the practice of these recommendations is a collection of sacred images and biblical passages in one powerpoint presentation, titled Rosary of St. John Paul the Great.

Download this Rosary aid here for your personal use, or for the family or community rosary. 

To further understand the recommendations of St. John Paul II, read Top Ten Instructions of John Paul the Great on the Rosary

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