Friday, August 26, 2011

They would have run to the government and begged for a rifle to go into battle.

From Tim Laws, Chairman of Alliance for the Family

I can clearly remember watching a TV news broadcast in 1975. It was a live broadcast from Phnom Penh. People were coming and going, cars passing by, men riding bicycles. It looked like normal city life – people going to work, running errands, going to the market for food. Perhaps some were getting married. But in the background there was persistent thunder. Only it wasn’t thunder. It was the sound of artillery -- the final battle between the government and the Khmer Rouge. Thinking back on this, it occurs to me that if all those people had only known what was going to happen to them – that within the next few years, one in every three or four of them was dead by murder or starvation – they would have stopped what they were doing, and made every effort they possibly could to prevent the Khmer Rouge from taking over. They would have run to the government and begged for a rifle to go into battle.

It is the same with the battle over contraception: if the people only knew what is going to happen to the Filipino family and society if contraception becomes the way of life here, they would do everything in their power to stop it. Contraception is not about the relationship between a man and a women, and whether they will use a condom or a pill or not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contraception completely transforms the societies where it becomes the accepted way of life. We will become just like the West.

In a contraceptive society, many people never marry, many of those who do marry eventually divorce, many of those who don't marry live-in instead, and most of the live-ins eventually split up. Consequently, many children grow up without both parents in their home, and suffer the consequences of poverty, poor health, physical and sexual abuse, and propensity to crime -- all very well-attested in the social science literature. Abortion becomes indispensable as the solution to contraceptive failures, which can not be eliminated. Same sex relationships become equal to marriage, because sex is relational, not procreative. Euthanasia is just around the corner, because of the utilitarian valuation of human life stemming from the contraceptive mentality. And the churches are empty – as they are throughout Europe – because contraception reduces life to hedonism, which has no time for God.

This is our future, if we don’t stop contraception.

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