Sunday, August 21, 2011

TV5 RH DEBATE: 100% against RH vs 0% in favor among studio audience and 58.7% against vs 41.3% via text

In the TV5 RH Debate of August 21, Filipinos in the studio audience voted 100% against the RH Bill, and 58.7% of texters were against while 41.3% in favor.

Statement of Eric Manalang, President of Pro-Life Philippines

The TV 5 RH debate tonight clearly showed people rejected the RH Bill on live poll at + 58% upon ending of the show while the undecided studio audience as recorded voted 100% against the bill.

So these things are clearer now to many:

· the informed citizen will vote against it, but we have no mass media power as secular media is RH controlled to a very large extent

· our clergy are seen as the beacon of morality and the government is the last reference for morality

· the lawmakers are now more aware of the trend away from RH terrorism and sustained lobbying will still be needed. All have to share the burden.

· Money talks and RH proponents have many and much. This will be where grassroots swell would be needed. They should voice out their anti-RH convictions. Conversion of the hard core RH supporters need fervent prayers and fasting and engagement with charity and love.

The power of the people of God is the key!

Watch the Video:

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Anonymous said...

GO PRO-Lifers! God is on our side, who are we to fear?! NO to this devious rh bill!